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the Lion King Movie In 3D.


Hello everybody,

It’s about time that they released everyones favorite, fun loving movie… The Lion King 3D!!! This film stars award winning music such as… can you feel the love tonight, the lion sleeps tonight, I just can’t wait to be king, Hakuna Matata, circle of  life, we are one and more. This breathe taking family movie is here once again for all to enjoy all over again but this time in 3D. An epic story of a young cub who journeys throw many adventurous places and meets lots of great friends along the way such as tomone and pomba who teach him a life long lesson that even when times are tough there is always one thing to say and that is Hakuna Matata! just to give you an idea of what the song is about here is the chorus:

Hakuna Matata!
What a wonderful phrase 
Hakuna Matata! 
Ain't no passing craze 
It means no worries for the rest of your days 
It's our problem-free philosophy 
Hakuna Matata! Hakuna Matata? Yeah. It's our motto!

Hope you enjoy the movie, Hakuna Matata to all who read this! :)
From Esmay - with input from Meg.

Kara’s and Roison.P’s blogs.



Today I commented on Kara’s blog and I have to say that I am glad to come across her blog, she has so many useful information to me that I can use and she and I have a lot in common. Maybe you will too? visit her blog at… (


also I visited Roisin.P’s blog and it’s so cool!!! If you want to have a look at it go to… (




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Queenstown for RWC 2011!


Queenstown is a place I would recommend to others to visit for the Rugby World Cup 2011 because of all of the fun adventurous things you can do there such as:


bungy jumping, visiting the milford sounds, visiting mt cook, climb to the top of very high mountains, helecopter rides, drive along beautiful lake virw roads, train rides, see waterfalls in luxurious places, go to lovely parks all around queenstown, see loads of seals and dolphines, take boat trips over beautiful lakes, skiing and snowboarding, rock climbing, rollercoaster rides, jet boast as fast as light through long lakes, white water rafting, go on the lughs, parachuting, conuing, kiaking, horse riding, quade biking, skydiving, fishing, golfing, gardening, beautiful resturants, hot pools and swimming, masasing, running, biking, marathins, absailing, sailing, archury, amazing plays and festivals, hockey, ice hockey kapa haka, live music an bands, fireworks, cute cafes with ocean and lake views, shopping, markets and loads more fun!

When i went to Queenstown I had the best time. Me and my family had loads of fun rock climbing and doing loads of other great experiences. So take it from someone who’s been there and done all the things.

what else can you do??? Loads more and to learn more about this magnificent place go to this website:                  This is what the website said:

Queenstown, New Zealand, is the Southern Hemisphere’s four season lake and alpine resort. Surrounded by majestic mountains and nestled the shores of crystal clear Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown’s stunning scenery is inspiring.

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I think children should be able to have animals for a pet because,

1. They give children something to play with.

2. If parents give their child a pet it gives the child a great amount of responsibility and self-goals.

3. They learn how to treat animals properly, believe it or not but animals have a great impact on children when they look after one. They learn to be gentle or the pet will not like you as much and they learn that the importance of feeding it is very big. They also learn that not feeding the pet has a great impact on the animal and will get very sick and have bad health; therefore making them learn about health and caring.


These are all the things that can be accomplished,

Children something to play with, a great amount of responsibility and self goals, learning the value of life, how to treat animals properly, how not feeding them will affect there health making them get very sick therefore making them learn about good health and caring for someone or something else.


So a lot can be accomplished when the child gets given an animal as a pet to look after. This is my opinion, what’s yours???



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Well this week my teacher miss T gave us some homework and the homework is this…  “Suggest 3 places to visit in this town or city.”
and then write one activity you can do on this place but i wrote more than that as you can tell so have a look. Theres alot to say about Kapiti but one of my favourites things to look at is all the activities you can do there is…

-Lindale farm: Which has animals its got shops, markets and the list goes on but for now im gonna keep it short.                                                                                                                                                                        (Kapiti Island)

-Kapiti island: It’s got animals, it’s got bush walks to the very top and it’s got forest and lots of it. Plus you don’t have to be lucky to spot all the native birds plus it’s only half an hour by boat and right of the coast of Paraparaumu beach which has a lovely view when the sun sets.

-The Nyco Chocolate Factory: Loads of treats and sweets for everyone to try in all different flavors, shapes and sizes. they also offer to show you around so you can see how the chocolate is made. so after more than 30 years making chocolates and sharing the love you should too by coming and see the… NYCO CHOCOLATE FACTORY!!!!!!! Please.

Thank you, Esmay.


So thats some of the places you can visit on the Kapiti Coast,

Thank you, Esmay.

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Connor’s Blog


Hello today our homework from my teacher Miss T was to go on to our class mates blog (his name is Connor) and comment on his videos he made himself on and say what our thoughts were about them.

Here are some comments from my mystery guest:

I don’t like the videos even if they are showing good vs evil…its inappropriate to make fun out of war. Surely there are other subjects you can do animation sketches about!

(Thank you Connor for letting us do this!) Please feel free to leave your comments and if you would like to see the videos here is the site click on HERE!!!

From Esmay!

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Mary Mckillop!


Friday 17th June 2011

Today my whole school went to see a play about Mary Mckillop and I thought it was great and funny! They have been traveling around New Zealand and are still going. The thing I enjoyed the most was the way they enclued the audience and changed characters just like that.

I learned that Mary Mckillop was very determined and was not afraid to stand up for what she thinks is right. I also learned that in the play, backstage, they have there own costumes here lety me explain: the costumes are awesome and quick to get on their buttons are sowen on so they just put it over their heads and the dresses have velcro instead of zips and that and all this makes a huge difference believe it or not!

Quoting Mary Mckillop:

Never see a need without trying to do something about it!

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Bullying, it’s not our future!Ebrard+asiste+al+relanzamiento+del+programa+%22Educar+se+pone+Padre%22

In America It is estimated that 160,000 children miss school every day due to fear of attack or intimidation by other students. Source: National Education Association.

Young bullies carry a one-in-four chance of having a criminal record by age 30. Source: Study by Leonard Eron and Rowell Huesman, and National Education Association. All of the things you have just red have been only a few of the millions of results when I looked this question on google ‘bullying’. So don’t worry if your getting bullied it happens to the best of us and just remember your not the only one. I bet every single person in your class has probably had their own fair share of bullying ether them being the victim or the bully everyones had a go. So everyone is hear to help and support your, talk to someone you trust and they i’m sure will want to help. Give it a go and you never know it could be your lucky day!

Yours truly Esmay!


Image: ‘No Bullying.. Wow
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A Story Of A Hippy!


H Day 017

my name is Harriet and I’m a hippy!!!

Most people think of me as a peace maker

Or they remember me because of my hair.

Hold on let me explain.


Ever since I was a baby my hair was galore on my head.

Here imagine a really big fluffy cat then imagine it on someone’s head

Yeah that’s what its like.
Anyway moving on. I live in New York, America with my flat mate Sally  Higgilbottom and her goldfish named dog. I make money at my part time job being a hobos nanny here let me explain when hobos have kids

I look after them. And that’s really all about that so moving on. My favourite
is a unicorn and my favourite food is frog skin and chicken legs stew. And that’s all about me!

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My Shoe!!!


Esmay's shoeHello everyone this is the shoe I am going to enter in a compitititon and in this compitition everyone has to design 😀 wish me luck!!! 😀

Major Prize

First prize is AUD $50,001. We’re trumping the prize money of the prestigious Archibald Art Prize by $1. (Because we can.)

The winner also scores a one-off pair of customised sneakers based on their artwork.

Please leave me comments on your thoughts!

Thanks!, Esmay!!! 😀

Foot Locker Art Compitition!

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