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my favorite colour




My favorite colour is… well I don’t have one because I like all colours I mean there are some I like more than others but colours to me tell a story I mean for example,

pink reminds me of a princess, purple reminds me of royalty, blue reminds me of the sea and a captains struggle against the waves, red tells me about the devil or people who make me angry and pain, orange and peach calms me down and reminds me of peace and freedom, green is nature, yellow is happiness, white and black i put together because they remind me of yin and yang or two energy sources that are sort of like twins. Because scientists say that black and white are not colours it makes me fascinated to let my mind wonder and think about what it could be,brownreminds me of fighting and not giving up in something you believe in and not giving up,gray reminds me of the misery for some people but also to try and keep your head up high, gold is the pure hearted and kindness some people have towards others.

Just to sum up what I have been talking to you about is that I have no favorite colour but all have a different meaning to me!


attribution. Image: ‘Free Tasty Technicolor Treats Creative Commons
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my favourite flower


love flower

This flower is my favorite because it stands out just like me I don’t like to be exactly the same as another person and it symbolizes independence because it’s by itself and beautiful. I also find it interesting. It ironically is a Gerbera witch is a type of flower and it is also my mums favorite flower. I also like the daisy flower and I have a little sister called daisy and she is adorable!:)

Photo by Vanessa Pike-Russell and Flickr.

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